Introducing Custos PR ImageImagine a time when you recorded a moment, an important experience not only to you but for someone you love. Think of a time when,, instead of stepping back to take a picture, you could capture the moment while being a part of it.  Imagine immersing yourself in that moment AND recording it as it happens.

You no longer have to imagine it, Custos not only makes it possible, Custos makes it push button easy.

Kurt Inagaki is Founder at Custos,co and as an avid flyfishing professional, outdoorsman and action junkie videographer, Kurt understood one of the very frustrating challenges people face with recording, FOCUS on recording the moment takes the recorder (you) out of the experience, partially or completely.

Review your past images and video and it will become clear, there is a separation, a division that keeps people from embracing their adventure.  There is a clear difference between holding your phone or camera and being a
part of the experience.

4-Girl-Clicking-Button1Kurt wanted to set a new standard for first-person perspective.  You no longer have to settle for tech that holds you back, you now have access to Custos which can and will liberate you into your experience.

Latin for “Guardian,” Custos is a tech packed eyewear solution blended with stylish and sporty active fashion. Custos brings to you a revolutionary synergy of technology that takes on a multi-functional, holistic approach to sunglasses.

Custos Eyewear was born out of the mission to connect the spectator and participant, the creator and creation, putting together an intimate, first-person perspective that is organic and realistic.

Gone are the days of having shaky camera views and a look from the outside.With Custos, you can take the experience, yourself and your audience on the journey.

Custos combines eyewear convenience with superior technology and integrated safety features including UV-400 protection for your eyes, Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) protection, bone conduction, open ear design.  Custos design reduces the fatigue and potential danger connected to the extended long term influence by proximate wireless devices.  Bluetooth 4.0 enables you to listen and connect on the go anThe CROWDFUNDERd the HD quality takes your video and pics to next level.

The result is convenient, safe and enjoyable wearable technology to share your photos and videos with push button activation and hands free use.  You may even forget you have them on, but you’ll have the recordings to relive those memories for years to come.

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Now available on Amazon in two (2) stylish frame colors.

Custos in Black

Custos Orange 1

Custos in Two-Tone, Orange and Black